What is Premature Ejaculation?

It is something important to human beings, it is interpersonal relationships. That includes sex, which is an indispensable part of our daily lives. And our development as individuals.

For some men, even some couples, the duration of the sex act can mean everything. Undisputed is that we form relationships between two people. However, sometimes one partner does not keep up with their partner. In this situation, it can happen that man reaches the climax fast. This creates frustration on both sides; especially if the situation is frequently.

What is Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a problem we believe out of our reach. Those who suffer from it feel that they cannot solve it, which can seriously damage the relationship and their self-esteem. Especially when you don’t talk and it’s not treated in time. Although it is a frustrating and often embarrassing condition for those with it, there are still things you can do to last longer in bed. You soon forget that you have ever suffered from premature ejaculation.

Have you ever experienced anything like premature ejaculation? Or do you think you’re suffering from it?

What is premature ejaculation?

If we think about it, which has never set an average time it should guide a man when measuring his ejaculation time. This period can vary from a few to several minutes depending on the person and the situation. The problem lies when ejaculation happens quickly and spontaneously.

Let’s put it this way, if the man ejaculates before sex has started or even when it’s only been a minute since they started, we can call this premature ejaculation. This condition is a serious problem for those who suffer from it, and also for their partner since when ejaculating so early you lose your erection and you cannot continue with the sexual encounter.

This is a common problem. About a third of men will suffer from premature ejaculation once. It is common for many men to fear developing this condition in their lives and not being able to overcome it. Keep in mind, that there are several causes to suffer from premature ejaculation, when it happens occasionally is not something that you should worry about too much, the problem arises when it is common.

What causes premature ejaculation?

There is no pre-established cause, however, there are several factors that could affect. Men who have low Serotonin levels ejaculate in a shorter time. Here, brain chemicals play a key role. It also occurs in men with a low testosterone level.

The emotional factor can be part of the problem. When you live in a state of constant stress and anxiety when you suffer from depression, and even when you have problems in the current love relationship. All of this can trigger an early ejaculation problem.

Sometimes, premature ejaculation may be because of other problems, such as erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to maintain an erection firm enough to perform a sexual encounter. When it occurs occasionally, it should not be a cause for concern, as many men may experience it during times of stress. However, frequent erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an underlying health problem that needs treatment.

How do I know if I suffer from premature ejaculation?

If you are wondering “how to know if I am premature”, in the following lines you will find all the keys and answers to your doubts, besides some recommendations to solve the problem of lack of control of the ejaculation reflex, something that has become a big problem in the sex life of many men.

How do I know if I’m precocious? What can I do to improve my erections and lengthen in bed? Next, we’ll give you some tips that will be of great help.

What is premature ejaculation, and what are its characteristics?

Sexologists have defined this condition as the inability to extend or delay male orgasm time by over two minutes after starting penetration. This is a frequent complaint in many men, who have no control over their ejaculation.

How do I know if I’m precocious?

If most of your sex usually ends less than two minutes after you’ve started intercourse, completely unintentionally, you may have this sexual dysfunction.

Most times, the problem begins psychologically rather than physically and triggers another series of situations uncomfortable for man, such as frustration at the inability to satisfy his sexual partner.

Pornography and excess misinformation on the internet can make many men feel losing in bed, as they set superior standards in what should be their duration during sex. Usually, a sexual relationship should last at least 30 minutes, which is enough time to satisfy a woman, something that depends on the level of good chemistry of the couple.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

How can we know when we should start treating premature ejaculation? It’s easy to determine. If it becomes a recurring theme and it is something that annoys both, the affected person and his partner. For this problem, you need to consult a specialist. Only a doctor specialized in the area can discuss the topic.

This will determine the treatment to follow. A general examination is common. In addition, I should establish it from when you are suffering from premature ejaculation, whether it is something recent or rather a problem that has developed. It is also normal for the doctor to examine the patient’s blood, to check for any deficiencies in testosterone production.

We know different forms for their treatment, taking into account that these will have a different effect depending on each individual.

Some treatments for premature ejaculation may include:

  • behavioral therapies
  • topical anesthetics
  • medications
  • and counseling.

We recommend the vast majority of men to try behavioral techniques to control the timing of ejaculation. For medicines, some specialists prefer to try medications other than those usually prescribed for premature ejaculation. These medications may include antidepressants, cream anesthetics to reduce sensitivity, among others. It can also contribute to improving premature ejaculation through pelvic exercises, by using condoms as condoms reduce sensitivity, or with therapy.

Premature ejaculation solution

There is good news in all this: premature ejaculation has a solution. If you have understood how to know if I am precocious, then you will find the tools to overcome these episodes in a simple and 100% healthy way.

Kegel Men’s Exercises

One way we have to learn how to control and delay the ejaculation reflex is by performing exercises to strengthen the bladder and pelvic floor musculature. Kegel exercises for men allow it can do just this and, almost without interrupting our daily lives.

To accomplish these exercises, you must learn the right techniques and identify this muscle group. Besides benefiting from ejaculation control, it can help if you have problems with urinary or fecal incontinence, which usually manifests with the loss of small drops of urine after you have left the bathroom.

Exercises to improve erection

If you have already found the question of “how to know if I am precocious”, what follows is to implement the solutions. Kegel exercises for men, allow the strengthening of the muscles of the pelvic floor, which help to improve control over the ejaculation reflex and allow a substantial improvement in the quality of erections, making them more powerful and durable.

Premature ejaculation wipes

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Premature ejaculation pills

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