Treatments For Urinary Incontinence in Men

How to stop male urine leakage? Urinary Incontinence in men is defined as the unintentional release of urine when the bladder loses its ability to control. According to evidence, urinary incontinence in men is likely to have a higher probability if there is a primary prostate disorder while women suffer urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency chiefly due to pregnancy, multiple children, and menopause.

Urinary Incontinence in men

The disorder hinders physical, mental, and social activities of the person’s life hence it should be appropriately assessed and treated.

What causes urinary incontinence in men?

Urinary incontinence in men is mainly caused due to an underlying urinary tract infection; however, other causes may include:

  • Overactive bladder OAB ( (when muscles of the bladder constrict even when the bladder is not filled)
  • Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or more commonly known as enlarged prostate.
  • Damaged/Weak muscles around the urethra
  • Prostate cancer
  • Urinary tract stones or tumors
  • Neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis, stroke, etc.)
  • Age (advanced age increases the risk of urinary incontinence)

What are the signs and symptoms of urinary incontinence in men?

The early and focal signs show a sudden urge to pass out the urine followed by involuntary leakage of urine (urge incontinence), loss of urine due to strain on the bladder (stress incontinence), or continuous dripping of the urine (Overflow incontinence). However, an individual with urinary incontinence may indicate a combination of the above symptoms as well (Mixed incontinence).

What are the treatments for urinary incontinence in men?

Despite the fact that urinary incontinence in men deters normal daily life activities, it can be treated and managed in several ways.

Pharmacological Management:

  • Parasympatholytics: Better known as anticholinergic drugs facilitates in controlling over activity of the bladder. The most widely used agents are Oxybutynin (Ditropan XL), Tolterodine (Detrol), Darifenacin (Enablex), and solifenacin (Vesicare), etc.
  • Alpha blockers: Selective alpha-adrenergic blockers aids in the relaxation of bladder and prostate muscles to control the involuntary contraction and leaking of urine. The drugs include tamsulosin (Flomax), alfuzosin (Uroxatral), silodosin (Rapaflo), and doxazosin (Cardura).
    Surgical Management:
  • Colposuspension: this method is chiefly suggested to treat stress incontinence by suspending the neck of the bladder to release pressure.
  • Sling method: A pelvic sling is built using a mesh (simulated stuff) between the bladder neck and the urethra. This sling avoids involuntary opening of the urethra when pressure is exerted, hence controlling stress incontinence.
  • Artificial urinary sphincter: A ring-shaped valve is embedded around the neck of the bladder to keep it shut. To urinate, the person may tap the device inserted beneath the skin to deflate the ring to allow urination.
  • Urinary Catheter: A surgical procedure used for urinary incontinence in men, to pass a catheter into the bladder which connects to the urine bag outside of the body.
    Conservative Management:
  • Pelvic floor muscle strengthening: Kegel Exercises are the most beneficial for urinary incontinence in men, as they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help control bladder activity.
  • Programmed toilet visits: Set a timetable to visit the restroom every 2 hours to avoid involuntary leakage of urine.
  • Practice voiding: Voiding is when you voluntarily drain the urine. Practice double voiding by urinating, then holding the stream midway and again emptying the bladder. This is a great practice chiefly for overflow incontinence.

What is VigRX Incontinix bladder control?

More than 25 million populations in the USA experience bladder disorders, among which urinary incontinence is the most prevalent. Urinary incontinence in men is a serious medical condition affecting everyday activities like sleeping, working, and it also compromises social and emotional health. VigRvx Incontinix has ingredients that can help stop male urine leakage naturally.

VigRX Incontinix

VigRX Incontinix bladder control is a formula that aids in relaxing the sudden frequent urges of urination throughout the day. Each container of VigRX Incontinix contains 60 capsules (30 dosages) and it is recommended to take 2 capsules orally every day in the morning.

Moreover, the VigRX Incontinix bladder control is formulated such that all the ingredients are vegetarian and suitable for every individual. It is composed of the following nutrients:

  • Cratevox: Made from the extract of Crataeva nurvala, a herb that has been used for many centuries. Evidence shows significant results of this herb in increasing bladder tone as well as capacity. It also particularly helps in relieving urinary incontinence in men and guarantees the utmost effectiveness.
  • Lindera Aggregata: Best known as the ‘’anti-aging’’ source for the bladder. It restores the younger, firmer function of the bladder hence improving overall bladder health. With top-notch quality, incredible results are ensured.
  • Horsetail: As suggested by medical practitioners, horsetail possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are the key to healthy and normal bladder activity. It considerably shows positive results in men suffering from occasional urinary incontinence.

How to buy Vigrx Incontinex?

The magical combination of all the above-mentioned herbs noticeably lowers toilet visits and shows evident bladder control. Continuous use of Incontinix may show results as early as 14 days.
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