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Although the male sex hormone also plays a major role in the female organism, men need this sex hormone to ensure that the individual processes in the body run smoothly. Because it involves testosterone in many processes of the body, which is also the reason low testosterone levels have a negative effect on the well-being and health of those affected.

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Although it is normal from a biological point of view and natural that the body gradually reduces the production of the male sex hormone and thus the testosterone balance decreases slowly, the sufferers have to fight hard among the side effects. In addition, testosterone plays a major and important role in sports, muscle building, and also in sex life.

Illegal anabolic steroids are particularly well known in this context, from which you should definitely refrain. However, you can stimulate the production of the male sex hormone in your body with other natural means. For these purposes, different vendors in the market offer so-called testosterone boosters.

One of these best testosterone boosters in 2020 is Testogen in this context. It is precisely this means, which is very popular among people, that we have looked at in a little more detail and more intensively.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a testosterone booster that encourages your body to produce more testosterone and thus increase your testosterone levels. The special feature of Testogen relies on the fact that the preparation comprises purely natural and thus herbal ingredients and thus distinguishes itself from the steroidal anabolic steroids.
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Because a big and important difference between natural testosterone boosters and steroid anabolic steroids is the fact that the natural agents do not directly affect the hormone balance.
As Testogen is a natural testosterone booster, it is available on the market completely legally.

Due to the fact that Testogen comprises purely plant-based and therefore natural ingredients, you can buy this Testo booster not only safe but also without the prescription of a doctor on the Market. The composition of the booster ensures that Testogen does not fall under the category of medications, but falls under the category of dietary supplements.

How does the testosterone booster work?

The important question arises how Testogen can increase the testosterone balance in the male body, or what effects are to be expected in connection with the Testo booster. In this context, it is important to know how Testogen works.

Before we go into more detail about the effect of the Testo booster, however, let’s inspect why so many men are interested in taking the Testo booster and what role testosterone plays in the male organism.

For these purposes, it is best to look at the consequences of testosterone deficiency.

If men suffer from low testosterone levels, they have to deal with the following side effects, among others:

  • The muscles are dwindling.
  • Belly fat and overall body fat percentage grow and rise.
  • The power is waning.
  • Libido decreases and problems with potency and erection can even arise.
  • Negative consequences of a low testosterone balance that Testogen wants to address with its mode of action.

Those who take this Testo booster should, according to the manufacturer, look forward to the following effects, which are associated with taking the testosterone booster:

  • Muscle mass can be built up faster and better.
  • The proportion of body fat and especially of abdominal fat can be reduced better and more effectively.
  • Libido is rising.
  • You have more strength and stamina during sports and also during sex.
  • You feel better and more comfortable all around and have much more motivation and a good mood.
  • Your mental and physical performance is increasing.

To achieve these effects, testosterone boosters like Testogen are composed of many natural active ingredients, which help to supply your body with essential nutrients. These represent the framework that your body needs to produce the male sex hormone testosterone and LH–the so-called luteinizing hormone.

Are there any Testogen side effects?

An important question that people ask themselves if they are interested in taking Testogen is the question of side effects that can be associated with the Testo booster. It is perfectly normal for people to deal with the side effects of the testosterone booster.
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Finally, increasing testosterone levels are mainly known as the steroid anabolic steroids on the market, which are known not only for their mode of action but also for the many unpleasant and dangerous side effects. As a result, many users are also concerned about side effects that may be associated with taking Testogen.

Because, as already mentioned, Testogen is not a steroidal anabolic steroid, which acts based on chemical ingredients, but Testogen falls under the category of natural dietary supplements, which comprises purely herbal and thus natural ingredients.

Users are therefore happy to take the drug safely and without fear of side effects, as they cannot compare Testogen with taking the steroid anabolic steroids. With its natural ingredients, Testogen can boost the body’s own production without causing you unpleasant side effects.

However, we would like to point out to you at this point that we cannot completely rule out the possibility that there will be side effects to take the testosterone booster.

Natural ingredients can also cause side effects if people, for example, are sensitive or allergic to one ingredient. For this reason, we would advise you to take a close and intensive look at the composition of the ingredients before deciding to purchase the Testosterone Booster. So you can rule out allergic or sensitive to the Testo booster to react.

How is Testogen taken?

This shows on its side that the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules daily. It is important that you stick to the amount recommended by the manufacturer, but the manufacturer completely frees you when you take the capsules.

You are free to take the capsules before eating or after eating. Some people achieve better results when they take the capsules before eating, on an empty stomach, and other users feel better when they take the capsules immediately after eating. It is best to try out for yourself how you best transfer the capsules and with which type of intake you achieve the best effectiveness.

You are also free to choose whether to take the 4 capsules recommended by the manufacturer in one dose, or whether you divide the intake into four different periods. You can therefore take one capsule at a time in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, and in the evening. However, it is important that you remember to take the capsules and do not fail a cycle of intake.

However, if you forget to take one capsule, refrain from taking twice the amount of capsules.

When taking the capsules, you should not only pay attention to the number of daily capsules but also take into account some aspects regarding the duration of the intake. This also raises the important question of how long they can take the capsules. Basically, you can take the testosterone booster for as long as you feel comfortable with it.

According to the manufacturer, it takes the capsules between 4 and 6 weeks.

Within this intake period, you should be able to look forward to the maximum effectiveness of the capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking a quick break of a few weeks after this period of intake has passed to ensure that the body does not get used to taking and acting on the Testo booster.

Testogen ingredients

The modes of action with which the manufacturer advertises its natural testosterone booster all sound positive, which is why we were more interested in the question of which active ingredients in Testogen are responsible for the occurrence of these modes of action.

For these purposes, we inspected the composition of the ingredients and checked they say which ingredients to have an effect. These are all only natural and contained in a very high dosage in the testosterone booster.

testogen ingredients

The manufacturer also states that the individual active ingredients have very good bioavailability and are 100 percent legal and are also officially approved in Europe.

Let’s inspect which ingredients are contained in Testogen and which mode of action they are given individually.

  • Magnesium – One ingredient in Testogen responsible for the occurrence of the effects promised by the manufacturer is the vital mineral magnesium. This plays an important role in testosterone production and also helps you relax after exercise. A pleasant side effect of the mineral is the fact that magnesium is supposed to have a positive effect on your sleep behavior so you can sleep better and feel fitter the next day to do better and more active exercise.
  • Zinc – As a vital trace element, zinc plays a very important and important role in many processes of the human body. To support the body in these processes, which include the production of the male sex hormone testosterone, Testogen is largely made up of zinc.

The trace element plays a major role in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. That the process of aromatase, which ensures that it converts the male sex hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen, causes a drop in testosterone levels in the male body, has prompted the manufacturer of Testogen to process zinc within the testo booster.

  • Zinc inhibits the process of aromatase and thus plays a major role in testosterone levels. But sperm production and protein metabolism also benefit from the vital trace element.
  • Bor not only zinc is a vital trace element but also boron is a trace element, which is however greatly underestimated. However, the manufacturer of Testogen is fully aware of the effectiveness and efficacy of this underestimated trace element and has thus integrated it into its natural Testo booster to increase testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin B6 – Another ingredient in vitamin B6 is a well-known and popular vitamin B6. Therefore it plays such an important and important role in the human body because they involve it in many functions in the human body. For this reason, vitamin B6 plays a major role in the general health of the human body. This includes the fact that this vitamin has a positive effect on testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin D – The vitamin D contained in Testogen may already be known to you by the name of the sun vitamin. Your body may produce this vitamin yourself by putting your skin in contact with the sun’s rays, but especially in the cold season, the power of the sun’s rays is not enough to fill the stores in your body.

It is also difficult to absorb enough vitamin D through food during this time. For men, the lack of vitamin D can have fatal consequences, which can manifest themselves by the drop in testosterone levels.

To fill vitamin D sufficiently, Testogen contains a fairly high proportion of this sun vitamin.

  • Vitamin K – Another vitamin that is especially important in terms of bone health is vitamin K. Because to train well and above all effectively, not only a good and high testosterone level is important but also the bones must be healthy.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – Amino acids play an important role in the general health of the body. D-aspartic acid in particular plays an important and important role in the so-called luteinizing hormone.

In this context, this amino acid indirectly affects the testosterone balance, since the luteinizing hormone favors the production of testosterone and thus positively influences it. The more LH is present in the human organism, the higher the testosterone level usually.

  • Nettle extract – The nettle extract is nothing but concentrated nettle. This plays an important role in free testosterone in the bloodstream. The nettle extracts should bound SHGB. In this context, they also know that SHGB binds testosterone and thus has much more free testosterone in the body.
  • Red ginseng extract – Red ginseng is not a remedy that is only used in modern times, but is a cure that was used several millennia ago. For thousands of years, people appreciated this agent, known as the aphrodisiac root, and used it to stimulate libido and thus to combat potency problems. A pleasant side effect of this active ingredient in Testogen is the fact that mood is effectively improved.
  • Fenugreek – Since testosterone is directly related to libido and thus to male potency, the manufacturer of the Testo booster has included fenugreek in its preparation. We know this for having a positive effect on libido and helping users to gain more strength, stamina, and strength. As a natural and effective antioxidant, it can also support the immune system.
  • Bioperine – The last ingredient in Testogen is Bioperine. Bioperine is an important and well-known substance made from black pepper. This ingredient has no direct effect on the testosterone balance, but with its mode of action, this ingredient of the natural Testo booster increases the bioavailability of the other active ingredients.

Where can I buy Testogen pills?

Testogen seems to be a thoroughly helpful preparation to make a positive impact on testosterone levels and to ensure that it rises naturally. For this reason, many people are interested in buying this natural testosterone booster, which can only be purchased over the Internet.

You can contact the manufacturer itself or other well-known, large, and popular platforms and online shops, such as Amazon or eBay.

However, you would like to contact out directly for purchase from the manufacturer to completely ensure that they get an original and authentic product. In addition, you will make use of occasional discounts and promotions when you buy from the manufacturer’s website and thus save money.

You have 3 different packages to choose from if it interests you in purchasing Testogen. The more bottles you order with an order, the more money you can save on your purchase.

where to buy testogen


In the course of our research, we have found that the manufacturer not only advertises with the information regarding a good mode of action and a high quality of its testosterone booster but also that it gives its customers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If it does not convince you of the capsules and therefore dissatisfied with them, you can look forward to getting the money for the capsules refunded.

Since Testogen is a testosterone booster, which is now very popular and well-known on the market, we have come across a lot of testimonials regarding our research. These are largely positive and users not only report a side-effect-free intake but also show that they can see the effects promised by the manufacturer.

Testogen is also becoming more and more known in the German brand. So far, for example, we have only found English reviews on Amazon. But Testogen is also reported in USA forums, often positively.



If you want to increase your testosterone levels in the body naturally, refer to the various natural testosterone boosters offered by different manufacturers on the market. Testogen enjoys very great popularity and, it seems, not without reason. Users seem to be satisfied with the effects that occur, and the composition of the ingredients contained also makes a rather positive impression on us.

To form a final opinion about the natural Testo booster Testogen, you can test the preparation yourself and, if in doubt, make use of the 60-day money-back guarantee. Also, you can do the search for Testofuel review and Nugenix review.

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