How Much Semen is Normal? Increase Volume With Semen Volumizer

Most people always find it difficult to approximate the exact amount of semen they ejaculate especially if it gets soaked up or spread on a tissue. However, if the semen is measured using a teaspoon one teaspoon per ejaculation is normal. Where one teaspoon of semen volume to approximately 1.5 ml to 5ml of semen. Read Semenax review for the most popular semen volumizer.

Semen Volumizer

Even though the average volume of semen is clearly stated, most men still find it challenging to judge how much semen is normal because the volume they ejaculate varies. Men ejaculate more if it has been a while since they ejaculated and little if they ejaculated recently.

Health benefits of semen

Semen is known to have many health benefits because it contains some nutrients and minerals that are usually passed directly to you.

Below are some of the benefits of semen:

  • Helps beat depression

A few components found in semen have been found to have an antidepressant effect one of them being the nerve growth factor. The primary role of the nerve growth factor is to help a woman relax enabling the sperm to meet its reproductive role. People suffering from major depression are found to lack this factor. Therefore an increase in semen production can make people happier because the nerve growth factor will also be in large amounts. An added advantage of the nerve growth factor is that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions.

  • Source of several nutrients

In case you are lacking a few of the essential nutrients in your body taking a teaspoon of semen can help you. It is because semen contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, citrate, and zinc which are absorbed by the body just like vitamins.

  • Improves your cognition

In addition to being an antioxidant, antidepressants and an anti-inflammatory nerve growth factor also help your brain from aging.

How much semen is required to get pregnant?

Most people will often ask how much semen is enough to make a lady get pregnant. The average amount of sperm needed remains the same as stated above but what matters is your sperm count or sperm volume. Whereby for your semen to fertilize an ova you are required to ejaculate at least twenty million spermatozoa per ml of the total semen. The total semen production should also amount to at least two milliliters.

Increasing your sperm production using a semen volumizer

A semen volumizer is used to increase sperm production, especially in men who are interested in increasing the power and intensity of their orgasm. It is known to increase semen volume up to five hundred percent. It also enables one to achieve an orgasm that is stronger and long-lasting. A semen volumizer intensifies your contractions to release a load that heightens and increases your orgasms, ensuring they are prolonged for increased sperm production. In addition, it improves your libido thus increasing your fertility levels. A semen volumizer can be very effective for people with low sperm count, low libido, and low contractions.

Using vitamins to increase sperm volume

Just like a semen volumizer, vitamins also increase your sperm volume especially if your seminal analysis results showed that your semen volume was low. People with difficulties in conceiving and are looking for various ways to enable them to improve their sperm volume as well as count can also take vitamins. Vitamin D improves a man’s fertility by increasing sperm volume. Vitamin C and E also increase semen parameters including sperm volume.

Does Semenax work?

The answer is yes. Semenax raises your semen production and sex drive. Semenax is a herbal supplement that enables you to have more intense and longer orgasms. It is made using natural ingredients that also improve your sexual function. Every dose of Semenax is made carefully making it very effective. Therefore if you are struggling with unsatisfying sex and low sperm count, you do not have to lose hope in your sexual life because all is not lost.

After all, Semenax is a supplement that provides a solution to your problem. Elder men who have lost their sparks and wants to re-ignite them so that they can function as young men can also use these supplement to boost their sex drive.

increase sperm volume

In summary, it is important to note that the average semen volume is two milliliters for every ejaculation. However, there are also people whose volume is below average and according to semen analysis, their sperm count is also low. However, all is not lost since various supplements are available to increase their semen volume as well as their sperm count. Vitamins, sperm volumizers, and Semenax can all be used to raise your semen volume and give you mind-blowing orgasms. It’s time you rediscover your sexual fantasies!

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