How To Stay Erect For Hours Pills

There are endless to stay erect for hours pills and have a hard erection given the common of this problem in most adult men. In some cases the problem is occasional, and in others very common. Erection problems occur both when a man cannot reach the erection or cannot maintain enough firmness for sexual intercourse to be possible.

stay erect for hours pills

In many cases, the problem is easily solved and it even usually disappears by itself. But in other cases this becomes a permanent problem, resulting in what we know as erectile dysfunction. It is worth clarifying that difficulties in maintaining the erection usually do not affect sexual impulse.

Causes of erection problems

We achieve an erection when both the brain, nerves, blood vessels, and hormones work together. It is sufficient that they affect any of the functions for the problem to increase.

Erection problems affect men of all ages, although they are more common the older a man’s age. Older men usually have erection problems because of physical causes, while young men often have them for psychological reasons.

It varies the causes of erection problems, including:

  • Diseases: diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, thyroid problems, nervous system disorders, depression, low testosterone levels
  • Medications: beta-blockers, antidepressants, sleeping pills, heart medications
  • Psychological causes: stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor communication with the partner

The difference to stay erect for hours pills

Since the discovery of sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil (Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra), erection problems have decreased to be impediments to the enjoyment of full sex life. After that, many pills to have hard erection have been promoting on the market, many of them are 100% natural ingredients.

It is important to clarify that most stay erect for hours pills are not aphrodisiacs, but male enhancers for better erection and last longer in sex. This means that if you take the male sex pill and then read a book or listening to the news, you will not experience any side effects on your erection. Therefore, it is necessary that besides taking the stay erect pills, you most stimulate sexual desire either with thoughts, stimulation, or physical contact.

Now, let’s look at some of the different options offered by the market to solve erection problems:


Viagra is the trade name of sildenafil. Created to treat hypertension and angina, works by relaxing blood vessel muscles in certain areas of the body.

It is effective in treating erection problems but is contraindicated in cases of people with:

  • Kidney problems
  • Liver conditions
  • Low blood pressure

a recent history of heart attack or for men who have been discouraged from sexual intercourse due to cardiovascular risks.


Its generic name is tadalafil. It is used to treat arterial pulmonary hypertension and is effective in treating erectile dysfunction. However, only one dose should be taken within 24 hours as some drug subsists in the body for at least 24 hours.

It is contraindicated in cases of heart problems, hyper or hypotension, history of heart failure, blood disorders, liver or kidney problems, stomach ulcer, and any other conditions by which it is not advisable to perform the sexual act.


This is vardenafil, which increases blood flow to the penis, helping to achieve an erection. It is contraindicated in cases of a history of heart problems, chest or angina pain, kidney disease, liver problems, high or low blood pressure, retinitis pigmentosa, and certain blood abnormalities.

Having mentioned these three pioneering pills for a good erection, we will see other effective and innovative medicines.

Huang He is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients, herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is suitable for diabetics such as cardiac and has no side effects. It can be taken daily, even if it takes as long other medicines as it is ingested 8 hours apart.

Best natural male enhancement pills

  • Male Extra: Male enhancement supplement comprises high doses of L-arginine HCL, and 40% ellagic acid got from the pomegranate. These ingredients increase the production of nitric oxide, which is critical to increasing blood flow in the penis. It has no side effects.
  • VigRX Plus: It is a natural male supplement made based on a combination of natural ingredients extracted from different herbs, which helps to stimulate sexual activity, maintain a firm erection, and even collaborate on the increase of sexual enjoyment.

Erection problems are definitely a thing of the past. There are many and diverse options, including options based on natural extracts and no side effects. We advise it to consult with your treating doctor about what pills are to have a good erection that is best for you.

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