How To Make Sperm Thicker and Stronger

How do make sperm thicker and stronger naturally? It’s one of the most common questions in male fertility, as many men are desperate to conceive a child but struggle with poor sperm quality. Fortunately, you can take several simple steps to improve your sperm thickness and strengthen your sperm count and overall semen quality. Read on to learn more about these steps and how they can help you become a father one day.

Make Sperm Thicker and Stronger

Food to increase sperm motility fast

Healthy sperm-producing foods are vitamin C-rich, antioxidant-filled, and phytochemical-dense. These include citrus fruits, dark leafy greens (like spinach), tomatoes, avocados, nuts (like almonds), and seeds (like flaxseed). A diet rich in these foods can help increase sperm volume over time. But remember—fertility is a delicate balance of hormones; eating alone won’t do all of your work for you. You must also find ways to reduce stress in your life and boost your libido.

Vitamin B

Research shows that more than 50% of men who are infertile have decreased sperm motility or speed. A good first step toward improving male fertility is making sure your diet includes plenty of vitamin B-12, which helps with sperm production. Other nutrients that may help include zinc, iron, folic acid, and selenium. Talk to your doctor about vitamin D supplementation; it’s important for both male and female fertility.

Cruciferous vegetables

Research has found that foods rich in sulfur are vital for male fertility. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, and cauliflower can have a significant impact on male fertility, especially if eaten raw. They contain antioxidants known as glucosinolates which help detoxify harmful substances that affect male fertility. To improve your sperm count naturally, increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables by adding them to stir-fries or salads or by juicing them daily.

Flaxseed oil

Studies show that consuming flaxseed oil can increase sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm viability. Flaxseed oil is also full of essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are proven to be vital for maintaining healthy reproductive health. For example, it’s been shown that EFAs can increase a man’s testosterone levels by lowering inhibitions around sex. Overall, flaxseed oil can make your semen healthier, helping your body produce more semen during ejaculation or making it thicker and stronger when it comes out. Even if you don’t want children (or more children), thick, strong semen is just as important for staying healthy as a healthy prostate!

Cumin seeds

Studies have shown that taking cumin seeds (1.5 teaspoons, or a total of 2 grams) daily can increase sperm count by as much as 50 percent in healthy men. Also, men with low sperm counts could see their sperm count increase by 42 percent if they add half a teaspoon of powdered ginger to their diet daily for 60 days. Red clover is another herb that boosts male fertility—you can add it to yogurt or teas, or try out tinctures for an easy way to increase your intake. To learn more about herbs that are great for increasing male fertility.

Fenugreek seeds

You might be surprised to learn that your daily run has everything to do with how strong and thick your sperm is. If you want strong, healthy sperm it’s important that you work out regularly. Exercise will also help reduce stress which can weaken your sperm over time. In addition, adding fenugreek seeds into your diet is said to increase semen thickness, too. These seeds have also been proven by several studies as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction; drinking fenugreek tea just before intercourse should have a similar effect. It’s always a good idea when trying new foods or remedies such as those listed here to speak with your doctor first before starting a new diet regimen or exercise routine.

How to make sperm stronger for pregnancy

The sperm count of males all over has decreased in recent years. Such a change can be seen in teenage boys in a span of 20 years. While it is worrisome that such fertility problems are surfacing, there are simple ways you can use to make sperm stronger and improve their overall quality without medication. A healthy diet plan that is rich in vitamins and minerals and exercise will help stimulate sperm production and cause them to swim faster and live longer inside of a woman’s body.

fertility supplements

There are several lifestyle changes that can make sperm stronger and more likely to achieve a pregnancy. From getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet, and limiting alcohol consumption, there are many choices you can make to help with male fertility. However, there is no guarantee that these will work 100% of the time so it’s best to talk with your doctor about your options. The good news is there are many effective treatments out there if these changes don’t work!

Male fertility supplements

While there is a lot that’s unknown about male fertility, one thing is clear: it’s more important than you think. A Danish study found that men with abnormal semen were 10 times more likely to develop heart disease than men with normal semen. To help improve your chances of having strong, healthy sperm, try taking supplements like L-carnitine, vitamin C, zinc, and folic acid. These supplements have been shown to increase sperm count in test subjects by as much as 300 percent!

Make sperm thicker and stronger naturally

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