How To Last Longer in Bed For Men

How long does sex last on average? This is a question that every man has ever asked himself. Although most research on the subject indicates that intercourse has an average duration of between 7 to 8 minutes, it is common for both men and women to express their desire to exceed such standards.

How To Last Longer in Bed For Men

Responsibility often rests with man, mainly because he is the one who penetrates. As premature ejaculation is common, the worry of lasting longer than usual in sex increases in the men’s, as this condition can create an environment full of frustration and dissatisfaction, both for him and his partner.

These are reasons that lead man to wonder how to last longer in sex, specifically in intercourse. Finding in response to a series of methods and techniques that can be implemented for this purpose.

Medications, erection pills, condoms, lubricants, creams, Desensitizing sprays, and sexual positions. The key to lengthening the duration of the sexual encounter to improve partner satisfaction.

Let’s look, point by point, at those things you can put into practice to improve your sexual performance.

What to drink to last longer in bed naturally?

Before turning to medications for lasting longer, some specialists point to the importance of eating healthy and exercise for improving sexual performance. Performing an exercise routine and maintaining a balanced diet can bring with it impressive effects for sexual performance.

But not only is physical well-being an important variable. Emotional well-being is even more important to control sexual response, while everyday concerns, fears, and anxieties can negatively affect sex.

However, there are medications to control male premature ejaculation. Some designed to treat premature ejaculation and others for delayed ejaculation. However, we will focus on the former.

Medicine for long lasting in bed

These medications should not be confused with those intended to treat erectile dysfunction, such as sildenafil or tadalafil. Medications used to last longer in sex have as their component adaptation, the active substance whose main effect is (on average) to triple the time the person endures during intercourse.

For many, this drug represents an effective solution, however, it remains a partial solution for those lasting about a minute.

These medicines accompanied by other measures can be an effective solution. Knowing how to last longer in sex can be key to improving self-esteem and therefore improving sexual performance.

3 Sex positions to last longer

There are many sex positions that while still pleasant, are more favorable for delaying male ejaculation. Heterosexual and gay couples can use them to last longer in sex if required.

The Spooning sex position

We can also use the classic spooning position that is often adopted to rest next to the couple for sexual purposes. Although the initial penetration can be a little difficult, once performed, the movement restriction is positive for the premature ejaculator.

Doggy sex position

The posture is known as doggy or in 4, can be modified to reduce the level of over-excitement that man may feel. The modification is that once intercourse is done, the couple should slowly lower their bodies towards the bed.

In this position, it is the man who controls penetration, and the sensation is less intense than in other sex positions, so he will last longer in sex than usual.

The Yab-Yum

Yab-Yum sex position

When the one who has penetrated controls intercourse, the level of arousal of man can also be reduced. With both individuals with an upright back posture, it can perform a slow and pleasurable penetration that is not intense enough to trigger ejaculation.


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